Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings is a great movie. All three of the movies are amazing and have great music in them. The music to the lord of the rings trilogy is perfect. Each song was created for a specific scene and had its own personality. The songs used in the scene with hobbits are very light and upbeat with violins and flutes. However, the songs used for scenes with villains are low and use a lot of horns and drums.

For this post I chose the song Flight to the Ford. Its used in the scene where Arwin must take Frodo to her father to heal him. I love this song because it starts out very calm and then builds up to the climax. My favorite part is at 2:30 till the end because it’s the part where Arwin is being chases by the Nazgul and conjures the river horses. It’s a very powerful piece of music and scene.


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