Transformers is one of my favorite movies. It’s full of action and adventure. It also as an amazing score to go along with it. The entire movie has a great score, but there is only one song from the score that really stands out to me. The song I picked is “Scorponok.”

I love this song because it very up-beat and fast. The song takes place in the scene of Transformers when a giant robotic scorpion attacks a group of U.S. army men. The song works very well with this scene because the sound of it is very powerful and you can think of a fight when you hear it. My favorite part of the song is from 2:30-3:20. It is the most powerful part of the song and it happens in the scene when the U.S. army send jets to destroy the robot. http://


Pirates of the Caribbean

Recently I have been doing movies that have come out this year. For this post I decided to do a film score from a movie that is a couple years old. I decided to do Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The music to this movie is amazing. The first time I saw it I went out and bought the soundtrack immediately.

The song I chose from the movie is “Davy Jones”. Davey Jones is my favorite song from the soundtrack. It coordinates with the scene of Davey Jones playing the organ and the ship in the middle of a storm.  It’s beautiful music that starts off as a music box then switches to an epic orchestra. I love the scene in the movie the song is from and the song itself is my favorite.




Oblivion is a science fiction movie. It’s filled with action and adventure and the soundtrack compliments it very well. Last week I did a main theme that was very fast paced and described the action in the movie “Pacific Rim”. For “Oblivion” I didn’t choose the main title. I picked a song from a specific scene.

The song I chose is titled “StarWaves”. I chose this song because I thought it was very beautiful and it made the scene much more powerful. The scene is of the two main characters swimming at night under the stars. It’s a very beautiful and romantic scene and also one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. My favorite part of the song is at 2:30, because that’s when the song really kicks off. Hope y’all enjoy it.

Pacific Rim

So I was looking around on YouTube and I came across the Pacific Rim soundtrack. I listened to the Main Theme track and was blown away. For a main them it was pretty awesome. I can honestly say that if you weren’t interested in the film all you have to do is listen to the main theme and you would automatically get pumped to see the movie. I think the main theme music in a movie is very important because it sets the tone for the rest of the movie. It wouldn’t make sense to have a rock’en epic guitar in the main theme of a romantic comedy. The music has to fit the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie than listen to the Main Theme because it totally compliments the movie.

Pacific Rim Soundtrack Cover

Pacific Rim Soundtrack Cover